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In the event that you have not had a Wind Mitigation Inspection on your Florida home, you are passing up state commanded protection limits that could diminish your protection expenses by about 40%. The Wind Mitigation Inspection reports are useful for the property because they save you money on your insurance coverage. The inspection report lasts for 5 years or after a new roof is done. Whichever comes first.

During the Wind Mitigation Inspection, Blue Doors Home Inspections will assess:

  • ​Roof Shingles/Coverings
  • Deck Construction
  • Storm Clips/Straps
  • Storm Shutters or Window Protection
  • Hips and Gables
  • Entryways and Openings to the Home

Why Do You Need a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

A wind mitigation inspection is the execution of building highlights to diminish the danger of harm brought about by a windstorm. The State of Florida passed a law that requires insurance companies to offer their clients credits if their home has the necessary structure improvements, or has made qualifying home enhancements to resist the harm in the event of a windstorm.

We do wind mitigation inspections to help property owners in Florida save money on their homeowner’s insurance. A wind mitigation report in Florida is the best way to save money on insurance and assist with determining future upgrades to the home.

Save Money with a Wind Mitigation Report

The solitary investigation that can definitely decrease the expense of your protection strategy is a Wind Mitigation Inspection. These assessments decide if the property is solid and protected to withstand the power of nature. The more secure the house is, the lower your insurance charges. One may imagine that the focuses being covered during the review are of less significance however on the opposite they are the main consideration that ensures you live in a protected house, safety for your family, and furthermore, save money on the protection.

The State of Florida offers extraordinary limits and credits from the insurance agencies which have cleared the necessary examination measure. Contingent upon the highlights of the property and the security one can save from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands.


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