Buying a house is an exciting time for new owners and informed decisions can save thousands of hard-earned dollars. From inspecting the rooftop, attic spaces, interior, exterior, crawlspaces, foundation, and elevations, we give you the life expectancies for the systems and components. The value our clients receive is unrivaled and we target the best available help such as pre-purchase inspections for sellers, home assessment for buyers, and more.

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As a home inspector, I invest wholeheartedly in working as indicated by the Standards of Practice and under the Code of Ethics set by the State of Florida for Home Inspectors. A home buyer should know the positives and the inadequacies, thus as a prepared and devoted inspector, my reports on the reviews are itemized and legit. With long periods of involvement and the information I center around advances my clients with information showing them around the trouble areas and assisting them with interpreting their report. I guarantee a thorough investigation, easy-to-understand report and the best quality of work for my clients.

Services we provide

Roof Inspection

All rooftops, in the long run, wear out over time, which is the reason a roof inspection is crucial. Blue Doors Home Inspections cautiously assess all parts of your rooftop and distinguishes any areas that need to be repaired or replaced, permitting you to demonstrate your rooftop is in acceptable condition.​

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Wind Mitigation

Wind Mitigation Inspection evaluates your property’s capacity to withstand hurricane-force winds. In Florida, insurance agencies offer you credits for building features that resist wind damage. These credits can save you money on your insurance policy. Blue Doors Home Inspection is licensed to survey your structure and give a Wind Mitigation Report.

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Mold Testing

Mold issues may appear to be a small issue at the beginning. It spreads in an exceptionally little timeframe as it is airborne. In the event that a house is influenced by mold regularly, one should think prior to putting resources into that property. It is a significant wellbeing hazard, health-wise as well as monetarily.

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Home Inspection

Regardless of when your imminent home was constructed, have an expert assessment is done by a licensed Home Inspector prior to purchasing. At the point when you plan a home inspection with Blue Doors Home Inspection, you know that your potential venture will be examined completely and in an expert and polite way.

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4-Point Inspection

The most well-known and significant inspection that the U.S. follows is the Four Point Inspection. To comprehend, a four-point review is requested by the insurance agencies for the restoration of the house when it arrives at a particular age. This age may vary from one company to another.

The four-point assessment administrations focal points are:

  • The Roofing System
  • The HVAC (warming, ventilation, and cooling) System
  • The Plumbing System
  • The Electrical System

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We at Blue Doors Home Inspections, realize your time is important so we will not keep you waiting. We ensure that you will receive your report within 24 hours of your inspection, so you can make any important moves rapidly.


  • No more waiting around for days for your inspection report. Our home inspectors send you a copy of the report by email quickly following the examination.
  • Can’t attend the inspection? Don’t worry about it! With our HD videos and pictures, you will actually see all spaces of concern.
  • Helpful arrangements to accommodate your time, including evenings and weekends.
  • Follow-up conversations by phone during your inspection period.
  • We give our clients the data they need to settle on an educated choice about the property being inspected in a reasonable, brief, proficient way, on location.

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