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A Mold Testing is a way toward assessing a property, outwardly and deductively, determined to recognize conditions in the home that add to mold development. On the off chance that risky conditions exist, with a Licensed Mold Assessor on staff, we can clarify the point by point results from our lab and collect a convention for mold remediation if vital.

Private and Commercial Property Mold Inspections and Testing where mold might be noticeable, however, as a rule, there are just indications. With a Certified Mold Inspection with Mold Sampling, the influence can completely get what might be causing the issue and the degree of the issue. At the point when tricky conditions exist, our Licensed Mold Assessor can clarify the sorts and groupings of shape present and set up an arrangement for mold remediation.

Mold inspection is necessary because mold growth is dangerous for the health. For the well-being of you and your family, regular mold testing for everyone for one or two years is mandatory. To find the mold levels in your home, we initially do air quality testing which can affirm if the mold is present in the house. It helps to know the quality of air in your house. Once we are skeptical of the mold presence in your home, our inspectors will conduct an indoor and outdoor test for comparison. Our inspectors document all the samples and return the samples with the chain of custody form to the lab for evaluation.

As a mold remediation company, we offer unbiased and transparent mold inspections. Whether we working with a buyer or the seller, we always provide genuine reports. In our reports, you will only find what we found in our mold assessment. We are proud to say that no matter what, we only do unbiased mold inspections. Once we find any mold, we use the latest mold removal techniques to ensure your house is completely mold-free.


How do I know if I need mold testing?

It’s normal practice to perform mold evacuation and remediation. In the event that your home has been vacant for some time, you may likewise need to plan a mold assessment in light of the fact that vacant structures will, in general, be moist, establishing the ideal climate for shape development.

  1. On the off chance that you or anybody in the family encounters hypersensitive responses like sniffling, irritated eyes, or runny nose at whatever point you’re in a specific room or area in the house.
  2. In the event that you have quite recently welcomed remediation specialists, you can likewise do an assessment soon after to affirm that they managed their responsibilities altogether.

Although these symptoms indicate the mold presence in your home, you should get the mold test done at least once in two years. The mold testing is very affordable too, so it’s best to test your house often. To avoid mold in your house, you can follow basic remedies like keeping the wet areas dry, directing water away from your home, and increasing the overall ventilation. By doing these, you can prevent mold from developing to some extent.

Hire the services of a professional and licensed mold inspector.

Our Mold Inspectors are certified by the State of Florida. An expert mold assessment incorporates testing as well as an extensive visual review to recognize issues and issues identified with mold that are not clear to a great many people without knowledge in building science and mold investigations. Our insured mold accessors can detect the invisible mold with all the equipment and the experience they have in dealing with mold. 

When playing out a mold inspection and testing we incorporate a computerized report with pictures, and inside and outside assessment, a dampness review of the property mugginess and temperature readings research center examples and a warm imaging infrared camera investigation to decide any dampness or water intrusion areas of concern. Once we found the susceptible mold areas, we use the latest mold remediation and removal techniques to get rid of the mold problem in your house. For your mold testing needs, contact us right away.


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